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Why JB Squared?

We are a Christian, family owned, customer oriented small business. JB Squared Land Services was built on the principles of TRUST, HONESTY, and the belief that if something is worth doing, IT’S WORTH DOING RIGHT. Jerrod Jones, the owner of JB Squared, learned these principles from his father who ran a small land clearing service. Jerrod grew up watching his dad work with his customers to ensure they were happy. His dad’s trustworthiness, honesty, and commitment to doing a great job every time seemed to make his customers the happiest. As a proud second generation land service business owner, Jerrod’s mission is to run JB Squared Land Services the way his dad would have. A simple phone call or email is all we need to give you a free estimate on the services you need. If you decide you want us to do your work, we will make every effort to ensure your total satisfaction. We provide quick, thorough service and only give you what you need. Our customers are important to us and so is our integrity. Give us a shout and let us earn your business.


How We Got Our Name

Jerrod wanted to name the business for himself and his three sons, so the equation began – Jerrod, Brody, Jace, and Barrett = JB X JB = JB² = JB Squared Land Services, LLC. Because Jerrod and Sons was just too simple.



JB Squared Land Services also has a sister company, Richie Jones Construction. If we can’t handle your needs, we will gladly refer our sister company to take care of you.

Jerrod, Brody, Jace, and Barrett = JB X JB = JB² =
JB Squared Land Services, LLC.
Because Jerrod and Sons was just too simple.

Forestry Mulching

Our 92hp Bobcat T320 with Fecon mulching head allows us to process trees and vegetation where they stand. This replaces the process commonly used in traditional land clearing which includes tree and vegetation removal, material disposal by burning or hauling, and site clean-up. Traditional land clearing is very costly due to the need to use multiple machines, such as a bulldozer and excavator, to complete the job. These methods also often present an increased risk of erosion by pushing over trees, uprooting the stump and roots, and disturbing the soil. Mulching does not disturb the soil structure and leaves behind a protective layer of material which acts as an erosion barrier. This protective layer also inhibits the regrowth of invasive species while returning nutrients back into the soil through decomposition.


Benefits of Mulching

Our processes are environmentally friendly and cost effective.


There are many environmentally friendly aspects of our operation. One of the biggest environmental advantages of mulching is the fact that the process leaves behind a protective layer of material acting as an erosion barrier while returning nutrients back into the soil through decomposition over time. This is the same idea behind the use of mulch in flower beds. This method benefits the environment through a natural process that Mother Nature herself oversees.

Speaking of Mother Nature, the method she uses for forestry control is fire. Fire can be beneficial to a plot of wooded acreage, but it can also be very dangerous and damaging if not controlled. With forestry mulching you can achieve many of the benefits of burning, such as improving the environment for wildlife, managing a competing species, and disposing of logging debris, without the negative effects that fire poses to the environment, personnel, and wildlife. Forestry mulching can also be used to dispose of hazardous underbrush that can act as fuel to aid in the spread of wildfire.

Our fuel efficient Bobcat machine burns only a fraction of the fuel that larger machines used in traditional land clearing do. At a fuel consumption rate of only approximately 2 gallons per hour, our machine is on a strict diet compared to the larger machines that can use 5 times as much fuel per hour. Because of its relatively small size, our machine does not require a large semi or tractor trailer to transport it to the job, unlike these larger machines. Our machine is transported with a more fuel efficient ¾ ton or 1 ton pickup truck. These inherent fuel savings are accompanied by lower emissions which means forestry mulching is as friendly to the environment as it is to your bank account.

There are many environmental friendly aspects of our service.


JB Squared Land Services, LLC offers a variety of services.

    • Custom Bush Hogging
      We also offer custom bush hogging services. With four tractors ranging from 30hp to 125hp and cutters ranging from 5-foot to 10-foot, we have the right tools for any job, large or small. Contact us today for a free estimate




Other Services Offered

JB Squared Land Services, LLC can offer many other services through our sister company Richie Jones Construction, LLC.

    • Site Preparation
    • Traditional Land Clearing Methods (If Preferred Over Forestry Mulching)
    • Driveway Construction
    • Dirt Hauling
    • Dirt, Clay and Sand Pit Services


    • Rock, Gravel and Aggregate Hauling and Placement
    • Lake and Pond Construction
    • Land Fill Construction and Maintenance
    • Drainage Services
    • Commercial/Industrial Civil Construction and Maintenance


We bring out the big guns!


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